Pursuing A Dream: A Wandering Executive's Journeys into Indonesia

  • Book Excerpt

    Seram Island. The “Mother Island.” Mystical. Physically imposing. Intimidating. Several times larger, grander somehow, taller, with a more dark, mysterious, unexplained, beckoning interior than Ambon Island. An island demanding to be explored for its ancient tribes, its shadowy, commanding presence, a gift, a dowry, an offering waiting, demanding, daring to be unwrapped. Seram Island. Just to speak the words conjures up an image of an enigma even to the longtime residents of the much lesser Ambon Island lying nearby. Many people of Ambon spoke to me in hushed tones of the magic to be found on Seram – magic both real and imagined, enchantments and fairy-tales waiting to be sought out and revealed, yet full of mysteries not likely to be revealed, or some would say, never to be revealed. Such mysticism calls me forth to explore, examine and try to understand.

    We leave for Seram tomorrow at 5:30 AM.