About Us

Our Philosophy

We make films that tell stories, explaining and simplifying complex concepts while embedding honest emotions into the video. We film the difficult, in unusual settings, with spectacular results. For over twenty years WNDA Studios has provided innovative, cutting-edge films which take the observer into the scene, educating while entertaining.

James R. Nelon, founder of WNDA Studios, is a talented author and still photographer who has written five books in his Pursuing A Dream series of photographic travelogues on remote tribes in Southeast Asia. He enjoys exploring the synergies of video and still photography for his clients in telling the many stories of local and far-off peoples throughout the world.

What Our Clients Say

"When I was looking for video services to bring my business to life, I met a lot of artists that did not understand business. Jim Nelon, through WNDA Studios, was able to marry his years of business experience with his technical filming skills to bring life to our video projects. His studio has the capability to film almost anything; yet, he took the time to understand my industry, my business and craft videos for my target audience. My company, ASM, sells B2B training content online. The educational videos we made increased our bookings significantly."
Kevin Shea, President, Activated Sales Management Company


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