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A few years ago, WNDA Studios began converting approximately thirty analog slide shows - the kind of shows that used real 35mm slides - into modern hi-def videos. The original first-generation shows were shot on Kodachrome and Ektachrome film stock and occasionally included video from grainy video tape; the images told the story of a country and its people through captivating scenes found along the way, catching visuals of people and landscapes in their natural surroundings. Most of the stories recorded every day life, pageants, celebrations and events experienced in rarely visited areas of the country, showing unusual sites seldomly seen by the West. These early shows used the best technology available at the time incorporating two screens, four projectors and primitive surround-sound audio. With the availability of hi-definition technology, WNDA Studios has embarked on a years-long project to update and upgrade these archival gems. We offer an ever-growing catalog of these upgraded and renovated videos here.
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Eternal London - Today's London Seen Through the Lens and Quotes of Famous Age-old Authors

Watch this intriguing video of today's London entwined with quotes from famous London and English authors. Enjoy thought-provoking considerations from timeworn authors admiring and condemning what they saw and experienced in their capitol city from centuries past. All from a modern perspective.

Karakoram Highway - Islamabad, Pakistan to Kashgar, Xinjiang Province, China

Surrendor to the beauty of the highest mountains in the world while travelling Pakistan's Karakoram Highway. Built nearly a hundred years ago by the British, the highway - actually a two lane road, sometimes unpaved, frequently blocked by landslides and always spectacular - hugs the carved out sliver of roadbed on the side of a mountain. Or flows with its mirror partner, the Indus River as the scenery unfolds through the Swat Valley in some of the most desired and contested real estate throughout history. Finish the trip exploring one of the few remaining open-air bazaars in the world - the Kashgar market in Xinjiang Province, China. Standard-definition video.

Chindwin River, Myanmar (Burma)

Explore the seldom seen villages along the Chindwin River, a waterway snaking from the farthest reaches of Northern Myanmar where it borders with China, southward past Nagaland, emptying into the Irrawaddy River between Mandalay and Bagan. Come along on a river boat reconstructed for this special trip where you'll visit monasteries, weaving villages and peanut planting by oxen on an island in the morning fog. Be entertained in Mandalay by the sometimes imprisoned and frequently outlawed Moustache Brothers as they perform their vaudville-infused political satire show. Standard-definition video.

Historical Myanmar (Burma)

Sunrise hot-air balloons traversing the century-old temple-strewn plane of Bagan. Ice making in the Muslim-influenced city of Pathein in Myanmar's Southwest where many of the Rakhine State refugees live. Pot making, umbrella painting, dancing horses - all these and more await you in this archival video. Chin tribal villages and festivals entertain you with their finery as you pass through mountainous terrain on the way to remote adventures.

Northern Thailand

Venture to the remotest regions of Thailand and onwards into the jungles and mountains of isolated, virtually inaccessible villages where you will visit illusive tribal groups. Watch Long-neck Red Karen, Black Lahu, Akha, and many others as they demonstrate their clothing and way of life near the Golden Triangle of Thailand, Myanmar and Laos. Standard definition video.

Tribes of Odisha & Chaattisgargh, India

Come along to the region of Mother Teresa and enjoy the many dances of local villagers in their finest dress. Watch pot making, coastal fishing, gossiping while pulling water from the well - and attend a traditional wedding with all of the trappings of a community festival at its best. Appreciate the flowers at the huge Kolkata flower market while respecting the architecture and grandeur of ancient temples. Standard definition video.


Angkor Wat. Angkor Thom. Bayon Temple. Nearly a thousand years ago. So much history, architecture and culture here from other times. Come see ancient traditions borne out in solid rock, hewn from the thick jungle of Cambodia by rulers intent of perpetuating their dynasties. Enjoy the trip! And dream of civilizations past.